Remember the time when social media has exploded? Well, unless you are under 10 years old you probably do, because it was not that long ago. Still, social media has influenced our lives in many ways in this short period we have been able and privileged to use it. Social media is used to influences modern trends. There are many ways in which this is achieved.

That being said social media and trends can be fabricated. We should be careful what we believe in because many of the modern trends are something which is not real. Rather they are fed to the public, they are fabricated. The trends are supposed to stem from the public, alas it is not so.


Can I Influence Modern Trends?

If you have been wondering who does all this answer is big corporations for sure, but also small people like you and me can also influence modern trends. It is possible to reach a wide number of people and this is what the Internet has achieved, therefore your ideas can be put forward no matter where in the world you are. You can influence trends in an organic way, but there is also a way to cheat and get there more quickly. You don’t believe me? What about this?

Did You Know You Can Buy Instagram Likes?

There is no way of knowing whether the profiles you follow have been given real or fake likes. In fact, there is a way of buying instagram likes. While such practice is common, it certainly raises plenty of questions. Is it ethical? Is it okay to buy instagram likes?

After all, instagram likes show that plenty of people have given their vote and support to some of these profiles. Without them, it shows us that people do not have a strong like towards something.
However, when you buy instagram likes in a way you trick people into believing that what you have to offer has been liked by a vast number of other people who are also present in the virtual world.


Give Us A Like!

This is something you must have heard so many times. Many people will encourage you to give them this little thumb up in order to show that their product, company or person is therefore approved by you. But why would anyone give a second thought whether little old you believes this is something to be liked? Are you that important? Are you even real? In the virtual world you must agree you are as real as others believe you are.

Therefore it is quite possible to create multiple Facebook/Instagram profiles and be multiple people. So do likes have the same purpose then? Do they have the same gravity once you think about it everything is fabricated so how can you be a part of it? It is really annoying, but whenever you think that a thing is only valuable or important because of likes, I would implore you to think again.